Broeders in de mensheid christenen en moslims (Al-Azhar UK)

World Press: “Human Brotherhood” is an invitation to peace between religions and peoples

Major international newspapers devoted large areas of news coverage to talk about the historic meeting between His Eminence Prof. / Ahmed Tayeb Al – Azhar and Pope Francis Pope of the Catholic Church, and they have signed the document “human brotherhood”.

“The Pope and the Grand Imam are signing a historic document of brotherhood in the United Arab Emirates,” the Guardian newspaper said, adding that the move, which was brought together by leaders of different faiths, is a call for peace between peoples, religions and different races. The document states that the # of Al – Azhar and Vatican work together on behalf of victims of war, persecution and injustice to fight terrorism .

The headline in the newspaper “Alvinanchal Times” covered by “Pope Francis and Imam biggest sign document Abu Dhabi ‘s historic world peace and co-existence”, pointing out that the Grand Imam Dr. Ahmed Al- Tayeb Al – Azhar and Pope Francis Pope signed a “document of Abu Dhabi” historic about human brotherhood, in order to achieve peaceAnd co-existence.

The document seeks to encourage dialogue and peaceful coexistence and confront extremism and its negative effects. She added that the signing ceremony was held in the presence of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, in addition to more than 400 religious leaders from around the world.

The head of the largest Sunni Islamic institution in the world called on Muslims in the Middle East to embrace their Christian neighbors, and called on Muslims of the West to integrate with their communities while preserving the rights of Muslims in the Middle East. On their identity. The website confirmed that the document signed between the two major religious leaders aims to spread tolerance, and to find an opportunity to stop the innocent bloodshed and end the wars and conflicts and the cultural and moral decline experienced by our world today.

The Pope and the Grand Imam sign a historic declaration, while the Washington Post covered the event by saying: “The Pope and the greatest Muslim cleric are signing a peace document,” adding that Pope Francis and the Grand Imam Sheikh of al-Azhar, the largest Sunni institution in the Muslim world, signed a document of world peace and human understanding during the visit of the Pope to the United Arab Emirates, which is the first of its kind on the Arabian Peninsula, pointing out that Sheikh Al-Azhar stressed that Islam is a religion of peace and appreciates the human soul.

The visit of the sheikh of Al Azhar and the Vatican Pope received unprecedented international attention as the first visit of a Vatican pope to the Arabian Peninsula. It also reflects the status of Al Azhar and its great Imam as the largest religious authority in the Islamic world.

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