Reactie op Geert Wilders’ provocatie van de Dar al-Ifta Cairo

Namens de Dar al-Ifta van Egypte een oproep aan de Nederlandse regering over de cartoonwedstrijd van Geert Wilders (PVV)

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The Observatory of Islamophobia calls for international legislation criminalizing the abuse of religious sanctities


The Observatory of Islamophobia, affiliated to the Egyptian Fatwa Center, strongly condemned the call by right-wing Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders for an international competition on caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad later this year.

Dutch parliamentarian Wilders said earlier that the Dutch parliament would host an international cartoon contest on the Prophet Mohammed. The leader of the Dutch People’s Freedom Party said the exhibition would take place at the end of this year, adding that “he has already received more than 100 cartoons, and that the door is still open to receive more drawings from around the world.”

The Observatory calls on the government, the Dutch Parliament and all concerned parties to stand against this racist call, as it raises the feelings of Muslims throughout the land. It also increases the state of tension and intolerance within Europe, as well as paving the way for the seeds of terrorism and extremism. Intolerance and incitement to hatred.

The Observatory stressed that these racist calls do not believe in diversity, coexistence and interrelationship between religions and civilizations, rejecting the foundations of modern societies and their values based on citizenship and respect for others without regard to ethnic and ideological dimensions.

The Dutch parliament has refused in 2015 to display cartoons in his headquarters at the request of the same member. In addition, Wilders has already broadcast a film called “Fitna” on the Internet, causing angry reactions among the Muslim community in the Netherlands, as well as the condemnation and rejection of several Arab and Islamic capitals.

The Observatory pointed out that these racist calls are trying to exploit the civilized environment in Europe to disguise behind the slogan of freedom of expression, but they deliberately overlook that the climate of freedom goes along with a set of other values based on coexistence and mutual respect, whether ideological or ethnic.

The Observatory called on local and international bodies to work hard and quickly to put in place legal legislation for these racist calls and to fight against them and to prevent all forms of intolerance and religious extremism, in order to open up all humanitarian and civilizational values and support the values of dialogue, tolerance and coexistence.

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