Al-Azhar veroordeelt de cartoonwedstrijd van Geert Wilders (UK)

Statement from Al-Azhar regarding the cartoons of Geert Wilders

Al-Azhar condemns the contest of cartoons depicting Islam and reiterates the Dutch government’s rejection of it. Al-Azhar expresses its deep condemnation of the Dutch parliamentarians organizing a competition for cartoons of Islam in a telephone call with his Egyptian counterpart. Al-Azhar lauds the Egyptian Foreign Ministry’s actions and its stance in addressing the discourse of hatred, incitement and abuse of religions, stressing that these positions support Al-Azhar’s efforts to achieve peace and build bridges of dialogue between followers of religions around the world. Al-Azhar stresses the need to distinguish between freedom of expression and opinion, which is a right recognized by international conventions and conventions, and the abuse of religions and beliefs, which undermines the efforts of coexistence and peace and feeds terrorism and extremism around the world.

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